Lost in The Mist of Life

She was lost, Indecisive needed support,

Trying hard to sort things out,

But at what cost,

She never realised.

She put up with a lot,

Ups and downs never ending mess in her life,

She just went on never complained,

The world never realised cause she always had a smile.

People walked in and out,

Imagining how things could be better,

She never thought how things could get about,

At times she just gave up and left it for later,

Walked with the flow of life which she was offered.

– Salmeen Hathrash

A Code to be Cracked

I was a lot more then what I could show,


L oved every bit of moments I could hold,

O ver and over and I just drop low,

V ictory I had in mind really felt bold,

E very moment kept letting it flow,

D id what I had to,


I did and I still do.


K ept holding on kept moving on,

E nergetic I’d always be I’ll keep holding on,

M agical it was din see how it went wrong,

O n and on thinking how was I not strong,

N ot sure but I really needed to know.


A ll through the dust,

C hances I missed,

H ow could it be just,

O ut there not getting the jist.


I hope where ever you are you are doing well,

It’s complicated life is a code so is this,

Crack it and you’ll know how I felt.

Turn in 

Turn up and turn high,

They say you are not right,

But never motivate to what you like,

You were never meant to fit in,

Never meant to be their type,

Turn in and turn on,

They complain you were always wrong,

But never helped you stay strong,

You were never meant to be part of the song,

You have a long way to come, kept walking along,

Don’t worry if you feel like this is not were you belong,

Turn down and turn out,

What is life about ?

Living through the doubt,

Questions and answers all in you try to keep count try to keep it in account,

But thought the crowd you become a coward no more proud,

Will you be accepted will you be allowed ?

Lost and all you want to do is scream out loud,

Hoping your voice sheers through the clouds.

– Salmeen Al Hathrash 

Her Wish

She wakes up every morning,

With hopes someone would love her more,

Love her back, give her the loving,

The loving she needs,

The love that’s true and not those that just walk in and walk out when they are done with feeling,

She has lost the meaning of love,

With soo much of lust around, she wants a man that could go down,

Tell her what she means, take her to the sky and be there at the ground,

That’s not afraid to fight, chose her over the wrong and right,

Be there for her let it be day or Night,

Be her desire be her smile,

Be in her heart and her mind,

Be her strength be her knight,

Be her world her words,

Be what she wants,

Be the magic, the rabbit out of the hat,

Be the happiness,

Be the tissue that wipes the tear before it even drops down her eyes,

Be the one who brings faith and meaning of love back in her life,

Be the one who stands infront behind and even by her side,

So it’s him she sees at every sight.

– Salmeen Al Hathrash

Make it Through

I’d walk through this,

Get to the end of it,

No matter what it is,

No matter how it ends,

I’ll see this mess through,

Cause I know with all of what’s happening,

I can keep going on,

Cause I know I was never wrong,

I could hold on and keep trying on and on,

Till the end of time,

Nothing takes you off of my mind,

Through and around the world,

A lot on my chest feeling breathless,

Life is pointless lifeless,

Kept hoping till I became hopeless,

Now here I am fighting through a war I never asked for,

But I know I can make it through see the next day for sure.

Half way there

Pour me a drink, its cold,

Emotions over flowing,

Flowing out growing old,

Making moves forgot to think twice,

Decisions now i wonder how where they not bold,

A million thoughts a lot to sort out,

Crying out loud,

For the sake of God understand,

You know what im talking about,

Blank from the head,

Trying to get back to bed,

Can’t get things straight,

Thinking about people getting it through with meds,

A lot of words,

Words i know could hurt,

– Salmeen Hathrash