This is it

Magic in the air

This is it

That’s what I thought

Everting fake

False hopes just flying by

Finally got a smile

This is it

That’s what I thought

Why do I even try

Everything is just a lie

Finally at peace

This is it

That’s what I thought

My minds playing games

Stressing out

What is it even to understand now

This is it

That’s what I thought

Make it end now.

This is it.

⁃ Salmeen Hathrash

What Story ?

Look at me , look at me,

Losing my mind going crazy,

Through the night sky,

The dark clouds,

Through all the lies,

Hear the voices getting loud,

Hopeful and hopeless, both at the same time,

Crazy and sane, what’s going on in my mind?

This ain’t my story, this is yours,

Mine is history, that was yesterday.

– Salmeen Hathrash

Palace or a Castle

My minds a palace,

Trying to get my mind at peace,

By myself at the streets, weeks after weeks all that I believed my stress has increased,

Mind in a castle, finding solace, all my pain is it valid? Is This what you call madness,

War cries, taking long strides,

Came crashing down in seconds so few,

Where’s the pride,

The fall the rise, and all your lies that came as surprise,

Wasn’t a surprise cause you gave all the signs to what was on the line,

Won’t say I wasted my time, lesson learned and I’ll remember it through my life.

– Salmeen Hathrash

Right Back

What you understand about being sad,
Losing my mind,
Losing my mind crazy mad,
Oh help me Lord,
Left blank, right black,
Blacked out left out,
No where to go back too,

Find me answers,
Most importantly find me please,

Putting my head down,
Doesnt mean I gave up soo soon,
Need to take time off,

Aint done aint gone,
Aint sane insane,
Losing my mind soon,
Can see the history,
On repeat.

– Salmeen Hathrash

The Sky

This is the moment we’ve been living for,

Don’t let it pass by,

This is the moment we wanted more and more,

Go get it, we gotta try,

Put in the efforts don’t wait for opportunities to knock on the door,

life comes knocking once, don’t let it pass by,

work for it, put in the efforts you’ll achieve it for sure,

FOCUS is the key, aim for the stars but first reach the sky.

– Salmeen Hathrash

Struck By Guilt

He loved, lived messed, mistakes,
Trying to move on with all the regrets,
Heavy shoulders with the guilt where is he to take,
A Smile he puts on knowing it’s fake,
Time passes he isolates himself,
His thoughts and him locked in a room,
Trying to fight that past,
The past he had to get rid of fast,
Looking around running alone,
Empty track the guilt hitting him back to back,
It’s all in his head, glued to the walls,
Playback all the way straight, till he falls,
Its a rise or drop, losing his mind a final stage isn’t it ?

  • Salmeen Al Hathrash

This is Life

A new start, A new life,
We hope for a better beginning,
We pretend to be smart wise,
Like we know all the choice,
Holding on not realising,
It’s not a rope instead a string,
Keeping on hopes instead of rising,
Ain’t we crazy just waiting,
Not making the move, not going and getting,
We are just shy or ashamed on our failure,
We are dug deep into thoughts,
Thoughts of what the world will think of us,
Not getting enough imagining we are famous,
Like every decision we make may cost us, might be dangerous,
So silly of us holding ourselves back,
Consulting saying we could do it tomorrow,
But that tomorrow keeps passing on,
Why don’t we learn to live now,
Why not stay strong fight our sorrows now,
Are You crazy are you mad have you lost it,
How could you even think of living happily,
When life is all about pain and suffering,
And everything that makes you lazy,
Give up easily, that’s what life is maybe ?

-Salmeen Al Hathrash


Feelings and emotions,
Lost life and lost soul,
What do you know ?
Smiles and sorrows hidden somewhere,
Lot of things happening, a lot to share,
A lot of strength to bare, stand alone got myself to care,
There is a heart that beats,
So many came and walked off, left with an empty seat,
Trying to fill up the void,
But this is destiny something we can’t avoid.

  • Salmeen Al Hathrash